Bathsheba's Psalms, Or A Woman

of Unusual Beauty Taking A Bath

Sexy. Irreverant. Holy. Bathsheba’s voice, celebrated, sung at last. From a biblical rooftop, to a warped John Hughes Biology lab and beyond, this unruly adaptation of the infamous Old Testament "love story"  capsizes tropes on gender and power. A revelry of sensuality & snark! & Fruit, obviously!


Director: Christina Roussos

Original Artwork: Susanne Reece

Stage Manager: Shannon Stewart


Our cast:

Tanyamaria,TL Thompson,

Marisela Grajeda Gonzalez,

Elizabeth Kenny, C. Bain

Costumes: Karim Rivera Rosado

Sound: Caroline Eng

Scenic & Lighting Design: Itohan Edoyoli 

Development History:

Brooklyn College Theater 2016

Fault Line Theater, Irons In The Fire, 2018

Pegasus PlayLab, UCF, 2018

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Background photos by Ashley C. Ford.