April has shared her poems at theaters, universities, bars and coffee shops across the United States and Canada. Her poems have been published in BuzzFeed, The Journal, Muzzle Magazine, apt, Drunk In A Midnight Choir, and the anthology Courage: Daring Poems For Gutsy Girls (Write Bloody Publishing 2014.) She helped to produce the 2016 Women of the World Poetry Slam in Brooklyn, NY, and served as a curator for Page Meets Stage from 2014-2018. April was a member of three National Poetry Slam Teams, representing Boston Poetry Slam. She cohosts a monthly poetry and comedy variety show, The Ranger Zone, with her twin sister comedian Aimee Rose Ranger.



"Double Shifts At Al Di La"

(BuzzFeed, 2018)

Three Poems

(on Reproductive Rights)

(Drunk In A Midnight Choir, 2016)

"My Name Is Not The Cruelest Month"

(Drunk In A Midnight Choir, 2015)

"Massachusetts Spring"

(apt, 2013)